Anger Manaegment Stress Set

Anger Manaegment Stress Set
Anger Manaegment Stress SetAnger Manaegment Stress SetAnger Manaegment Stress Set
Anger Manaegment Stress SetAnger Manaegment Stress Set
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Turn your anger mismanagement into Anger Management with this set of three stress balls and get squeezing. The quintessential executive toy has been assessed into varying levels of stress ranging on a graph from "Irritated" to simply "AAAARRRGGHH. After all, we all had that day where everything seems to go wrong. No milk for the morning coffee, endless traffic making you late for work, followed by losing a couple of hours work when windows decides to crash for no apparent reason.. then BOOM! The rage really kicks in.

To help get through these days, Anger Management set of stress balls has been developed with progressive stress relief in mind. The Set includes three different stress balls in incremental sizes to help you cope with your increasing levels of stress throughout the day. So next time you’re thinking about lobbing your monitor out the window, use our Anger Management stress balls – much safer and less likely to land you in jail.

Ideal for the desk at work or in the office. Squash them, squeeze them, do whatever it takes. You'll be de-stressed in no time at all.

  • Set of three stress balls for the palm of your hand
  • Three different sized balls, each with a different expression
  • Ideal for progressive anger relief - squeeze your way to a calmer day 
  • Ideal secret santa or gift for the boss or work colleague
  • Crazy squishy texture - the quintessential executive toy

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