Arse/Face Soap



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Avoid any embarrassing arse/face mix-ups with this ingenious best-selling gift!
If you've ever been in some one else's bathroom and suddenly found yourself concerned about the recent history of the soap you are about to use, then you are more likely to appreciate this less than subtle approach.
Brown on one side and white on the other, with the appropriate words (Face and ...Arse) standing out bold and clear on each side. There is no need ever again to be afraid of where the soap has been.
This is the perfect thing to make bath and shower time a pleasure, whether you are washing your delicate skin for display to the whole world, or your more private bits. Arse/Face Soap is a great gift idea for the compulsively clean – or the habitually grubby.
  • Novelty scented soap
  • Arse on one side and Face on the other
  • Fruity smelling for that clean feeling

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