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Bright Bugz are basically two little lights that fit snug onto the end of your index fingers. To wear, you simply snap on the correct sized band, wearing it like a ring on the end of your index finger. Then press and hold to activate light and release to turn off.

The Bright Bugz come pre-assembled with a medium sized band although there are three sizes in each pack (small, medium and large). Replace as required for the correct size for your fingers, for small fingers you may want to place on the thumb instead. Now you are ready  to baffle and bamboozle all who come your way with some truly dazzling tricks (you may need a little practice first). 

Move your hand about with the light turned ON in the direction of your other hand, at the end of this movement you will let go of the button of the shining light and you will (without notice) squeeze the ON button of the other light, as if you "catch" the light. Repeat this movement, keep repeating from left to right "throwing and catching"  the light. Practice enough to create fluent and natural movements and right timing.

If your organising a kids party, you will not have pay out for an expensive magician. Invest in a couple of bright bugs, hone your skills and you will entertaining the children in no time at all.

Below are a few links to examples of just some of the amazing tricks you can perform: 

  • Bright Bugz are 2 lights that fit onto the end of your index fingers
  • Tricks including through the body, through the leg and hand in hand
  • Includes two lights with three sized rubber bands (small, medium, large)
  • It shows, it glows, it goes..... magical from hand to hand
  • Available in five colours: Red, White, Blue, Green and Yellow
  • Colours provided vary

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