Caution Cone - Toxic Gases

Caution Cone - Toxic Gases
Caution Cone - Toxic GasesCaution Cone - Toxic GasesCaution Cone - Toxic Gases
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Is the smell of someone's toilet habits simply just too much to handle? Then the Caution Cone is the perfect tool to warn off poor fellows that happen to follow the toxic gas maker into the bathroom!

This 18 cm tall, bright red cone features a bright yellow danger sign that reads 'Danger! Toxic gases, give it 10 minutes!' Just pop in front of the toilet door after the culprit has 'been' and everyone will be aware that there may be a nasty smell in the air!

The caution cone is a hilarious gift for that no so serious person in your life, whether its your partner or a friend, they will just love this jokey gesture!

  • An orange cone that can be placed outside the bathroom door as a warning not to enter
  • Miniature traffic cone measuring 10 x 18 x 10cm (approx)
  • The sign reads: 'DANGER! TOXIC GASSES.... GIVE IT 10 MINUTES
  • Great gifts for all toilets other words, everyone

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