Crap Jokes Toilet Roll

Crap Jokes Toilet Roll
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Do you need entertaining to make your loo breaks more interesting? then whats better than a toilet roll full of hilariously funny jokes.

Giggle away on the throne and read  of this roll of toilet humour style jokes, designed to keep you entertained. A visit to bathroom will never be the same again!

If you know somebody who loves a good laugh or spends to much time on the loo, the 'Crap Jokes Toilets Roll' is the perfect novelty gift idea.

Toilet paper is one of life's essentials, so why not laugh at it?

  • Printed toilet paper of hilarious and pathetic jokes
  • What did the water say to the boat? Nothing, it just waved!
  • Joke toilet roll makes a great novelty gift idea
  • A visit to the bathroom will never be the same again
  • Giggle away on the throne!!

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