Fart Blaster Extinguisher

Fart Blaster Extinguisher
 Fart Blaster ExtinguisherFart Blaster Extinguisher 
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Hoot when they Toot!

Problems with pumping pals? Windy mates getting right up your nose! Sound the alarm every time they trump! Embarrass friends and family every time they do a 'bottom burp' by sounding the fart blaster. When you get 'wind' of their dastardly 'emissions' just grab the little red alarm and send a piercing soundwave in their general direction......and start the fight back against the phantom rippers!

Great sounds with warning alarm sounds included:

  • "Fart detected! Maintain a safe distance-repeat fart detected!"
  • "Warning! Dangerous gasses omitted keep clear!
  • "Fart with possible follow through in the area! Stay away!"
  • "Accident ahead! damaged underwear! please detour immediately!" 

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