Fidget Widget Fob

Fidget Widget Fob
Fidget Widget FobFidget Widget FobFidget Widget Fob
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We all know that the daily grind can be a stressful, tiring experience that can really wear you down, feeling like a never-ending slog. Into this battle for the hearts, minds and motivations of office workers everywhere came the Fidget toys, ready to bring spark back to the monotony of office life and help battle the demons of stress and boredom. The Fidget Widget Fob is yet another weapon in the ongoing battle, ready to help you feel less stressed no matter how hard you’re working.

This awesome stress toy attaches to your keyring, meaning that you can lug it with your keys and be sure that you’ll never lose it. The real joy of the Fob, though, is in its wide variety of fun and  fidgety widgets, all installed in its sleek casing. There are rolling widgets, buttons, switches and more, perfect for fidgeting, clicking, rolling and generally keeping your hands occupied and helping the tension leave you.

Perfect for offices everywhere, unobtrusive and fun, this is the fidget toy you’ll always have with you.

  • Brilliant Fidget Widget Fob - stress-busting done right
  • Small and unobtrusive design - perfect for pockets everywhere
  • Wide variety of fidget tools - rollers, switches, buttons and more
  • Attaches to your keyring
  • Measures approx. 4cm x 2cm

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