Infinity Mood Light

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A smart and stylish lighting gift with a difference, the Infinity Light is a great way to add another dimension to your bedroom or living room. Creating a stunning optical illusion, the Infinity Light uses clever lighting and mirrors to seemingly bend light into the infinite beyond, making this a clever piece of wall art as well as the perfect lighting gift. 
The Infinity Light can be either wall-mounted or left free-standing. The light measures 25cm high (approx. 10in) and is dual powered by battery or USB (USB cable included, 3 x AA batteries not included). The light also features 3 distinct lighting modes, so you can choose from: a sound reactive mode that will respond to your own music; a colour select mode (picking your favourite colour from the options); or a colour phasing mode that leaves the light phasing through all the different colours in sequence. 
The light comes with blue, green, red, pink and turquoise colour options. A great gift for tech savvy children and adults alike.

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