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Book Safe
Book SafeBook SafeBook Safe
Book SafeBook SafeBook Safe
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Your all packed up and ready for holiday, passport in hand you are ready to hit the beach. You've bought your holiday book to while away the relaxing hours, but the same old problem still exists.... where do you keep all your valuables?

This undercover novel lets you sneak away all your essentials without anybody suspecting a thing. A Sacred Landscape is the tale of one man's journey to find Ancient Peru, or so it seems, in reality, it's the Real Book Safe. Inside this disguised drama is actually the perfect place for you to store and protect your precious items.

Concealed inside this covert masterpiece is a lockable metal safe with two keys. Surrounded by real pages, your safe is privately hidden away, keeping onlookers completely unsuspecting that is anything more than your favourite story book. 

Not just great for trips away, this book safe is also perfect for the home or office. keeping your valuables tucked away behind this concealed composition.

  • Book Safe to keep your valuables secure
  • A metal safe is hidden inside the book
  • Real paper pages surround the safe to make it look like a legit book
  • Comes complete with two keys
  • Measures: 22 x 15 x 4cm (approx)

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