6 Inch Plasma Ball

6 Inch Plasma Ball
6 Inch Plasma Ball6 Inch Plasma Ball6 Inch Plasma Ball
6 Inch Plasma Ball6 Inch Plasma Ball6 Inch Plasma Ball
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This amazing 6 inch Plasma Globe is great for the lounge or child's bedroom. Inspired by Nikola Tesla's Plasma Lamp invented after his experimentation with high-frequency currents in an evacuated glass tube for the purpose of studying high voltage phenomena (Yep that's right!) this is a ultimate 360 degree light show in a sphere.
Place your fingers on the surface of the glass and coloured balls of light follow your every move. Truly the ultimate interactive light experience, you can even feel the energy as it gently touches your fingertips. An aesthetically pleasing way for children to see how electricity works; would make a great house-warming present and lovely mood light. Switch it on a darkened room and enjoy the show and glow! Great for parties or intimate dinner dates!
  • Static Electricity Plasma Globe Sphere as inspired by physicist Nikola Testla
  • Bolts of coloured light and electricity touch your fingers when it's touched
  • Makes a great piece of mood lighting - perfect for a child's bedroom
  • Perfectly safe and won't give an electrical shock
  • Runs on 12V AC Mains power adaptor (supplied)

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